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Benefits of Air Dry Clay

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Why Air Dry Modeling Clays?

Einstein once said: "Real science and true art require the same thinking process."

What is Air Dry Clay?

It is a new type of environment friendly, non-toxic, air-drying, color mixing and paintable material. It is mainly composed of foaming powder and water. It's soft and flexible texture makes it easier for modeling and suitable for styling deep details.

Modeling clay, especially the "air-dry clay" is getting more popular every year. Just like the legendary Play Dough's success, air-dry clays seem to have a long stay in children products market.

Benefits of Modeling Clays:

Today one in three children are using tablets and phones before they can talk. Digital media addiction affect a child's behavior, eating and sleeping patterns. Playing with clays promotes imaginative problem-solving skills and develops coordination. 3D thinking and creation has a significant contribution to children’s intellectual capacity.

Children who play with clays:

- Learn to recognize their tastes, interests, feelings and emotions. Learn to trust their instincts.

- Express their creativity and success.

- Take responsibility, make decisions and choices.

- Demonstrate autonomy in thoughts and actions.

- Learn from their mistakes and learn to concentrate.

- Become aware of their increasing proficiency and develop independence.

- See themselves as a resource for others.

- Build self-esteem: acquire a sense of competency, power, and control over their environment.

- Relax: working with clay is very calming.

How does all these happen?

1. Rubbing, pinching, sticking, inserting, tearing, engraving, pressing and other actions promote the development of the hand muscles and enhance the coordination of hands and eyes.

2. Playing with clays guides children to learn color blending and matching. Creative combinations of different colors inspire children's imagination and creativity.

3. Parents and children may play together and build cooperation. It cultivates kids' ability to express their opinions and communicate with others.

Einstein once said: "Real science and true art require the same thinking process." As a three-dimensional space art, modeling clay can stimulate children's spatial image thinking. The process of clay modeling is thinking of an idea, turning it to a puzzle and solving it. Spatial image thinking enables more brain cells stimulation and promotes the flexible operation of brain. It invisibly cultivates the child's practical hands-on ability and develops the child's intelligence.

To support this, Crafty Clay designed an art and craft kit that helps children explore the skills on their fingers and creative thinking. Crafty Clay Kit has 23 modeling tools and 81 creative accessories. Of course without knowing how to use them, it doesn’t mean anything. Therefore, our clay artists prepared a downloadable free tutorial book. It's 209 pages with 120 clay projects. To explore more about Crafty Clay, contact us at the link below.

Alex Saltuk Toksoz

Crafty Clay Modeling Clay Set

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