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How playing clays improves writing skills

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Have you ever noticed how squirrels eat fruits and seeds? They hold fruits with both "hands", spit out the shells and reach the seeds. But they can't hold the seeds with two fingers like humans. Because their muscles and nerves on their fingers are designed different.

Air dry clays can improve drawing and hand writing skills of children

Pre-school and primary school students may face a similar problem with squirrels. Sounds funny but true. Some students are not ideal in writing. When parents find out this problem, they may first think of more writing exercise or homework like hard pen calligraphy. However playing air dry clay helps kids exercise the coordination ability of fingers, which is very helpful for writing skills.

Studies have shown that finger activity and cerebral blood flow have a great relationship. When a child performs simple finger activities, the cerebral blood flow increases about 10%. However, when fingers perform complicated and delicate activities, this rate is more than 35%. The relative increase in cerebral blood flow is conducive to the agility of thinking. This proves the close relationship between hand and brain. Air dry clays can enrich the lives of children, improve their personal skills and enhance their IQ.

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