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What should I do if the ultra-light clay is dry? Three ways to make it resilient

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

If the ultra-light clay is placed outside the cup for a long time, it will dry out and lose its elasticity. We can save it in three ways and let it return to its original state.

Use one of these materials; glycerin, shower gel and hand soap.

- Try to crush and knead the clay as much as possible. Press hard and form a nest in the middle. Then pour some glycerin into it.

- Knead it around 1-2 minutes and let clay texture absorbs glycerin well. Now it's reusable.

- You can add some shower gel to increase elasticity.

Remember, our clay cups are certified food grade. And our clay formula is the best in market. As long as Crafty Clay clays stay in their sealed cups, they stay fresh up to a year. So please make sure the lid is sealed well.

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