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Air Dry Clay FAQ

  • Is this a light and air dry clay?
    yes, it’s both light and air dry.
  • What’s the duration of air dry?
    It depends on the project. If you work on thin layers, it dries in 3-6 hours. Thicker objects dries between 10-24 hours.
  • Is this product only for children?
    Our clays and tools are suitable for everyone who is interested in creativity and modeling. Our clays are high grade and the texture is suitable for professional modeling projects.
  • There are several similar air-dry and light clays in the market. What’s the difference?
    It’s just like coffee. All coffee looks similar in a cup and you understand the difference only if you smell and taste them. The formula of our clay is different. Out of the container is dries quick, inside the container it stays fresh 12 months. The similar items in the market looks alike but the functions are different than our clays.
  • Are all the clays certified as non-toxic?
    Yes, they are tested by SGS and certified under Lhama standards. (Art & Craft Council Standards).
  • Are all the tools, accessories, packaging, plastic bags and paper items tested and certified toxic-free?"
    Yes, they are all tested by SGS, even the staples of the instructions booklet are tested.
  • Can we use this item at school projects?
    Absolutely. We believe there is no other set in the market that can meet all the demands and necessities for school projects.
  • Are these clays color mixable?
    Yes, they have perfect results in color mixing.
  • Are the clays, foam boards and photo frames paintable?"
    Absolutely, they are paintable with acrylic paints.
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